Power Construction

Power Construction

Project Details

Company Name: Power Construction
Location: Chicago, IL
General Contractor: Power Construction
Architect & Interior Design Firm: Ted Moudis Associates
Furniture Installation: Metro Facility Service
Photography: Nick Ulivieri
The Scope

When the Luxury Residence Group of Power Construction was opening a new office at the MART in Chicago鈥檚 River North neighborhood, they turned to 澳门六合彩全年资料 for help with furniture selection. The job quickly morphed into something larger when we realized this client also needed help with decommissioning and moving coordination.

The Process

Located within the MART, a famous Chicago landmark, our client originally reached out to us for space planning and furniture specification. After an initial kick-off meeting, we learned they also needed help decommissioning existing furniture and moving electronics. We wasted no time in drafting a solid plan that included an inclusive solution for this well-established construction firm.

With a proven methodology, our experienced team streamlined the daunting task of determining the allocation of old items. Our keen eye for identifying solid furniture that can be refurbished comes in handy when deciding which items to keep. Taking inventory of existing furniture, we closely collaborated with our client to determine which items would move to the new space, which pieces could be decommissioned and which could be donated.

We began the layout and design keeping in mind our client鈥檚 desire to keep the aesthetic reminiscent of residential design. Predominantly selecting new furniture as our base鈥攚ith refurbished pieces complementing鈥 was a great way to make the space feel unique. The library and lounge area were outfitted with a variety of new Kimball and National furniture including side and lounge chairs, various tables and even a comfortable sofa to provide employees with a space conducive to unwinding and relaxing.

Refurbished, mobile storage pedestals from 澳门六合彩全年资料 kept the cost down and allowed our client to select custom upholstery. Existing height-adjustable desk bases were reused and the Custom Crafters team built new laminate tops that made the desks look brand new. The Poppin Om Stand Pod offers a perfect, quiet area for making phone calls or taking meetings. A variety of Power Construction鈥檚 existing task chairs were able to be repurposed for the new space鈥攚e love nothing more than reusing furniture with good bones. Not only does this save significantly on the overall budget, but it also diverts substantial landfill waste!

Planning the install for December and January, a slower time for this construction client, was the perfect opportunity for this move to happen. We always try to schedule our installs and decommissions with minimal disruption for employees. Coordinating with the construction timeline can be a challenge but our expert installers were able to work within the constraints.

澳门六合彩全年资料 is unique in that we have the ability to provide a true, end-to-end solution for our customers. From furniture selection, space layout, decommissioning, refurbishing and installation鈥攐ur team is able to take full control of each project to ensure each one finishes on time and within budget. For this client in particular, the end result is a space with a completely custom aesthetic and vibe. The perfect blend of new and refurbished pieces were used to create a backdrop that鈥檚 reminiscent of home yet functional for this workplace. The final product is an inviting space where employees feel supported, energized and productive, while adhering to Power Construction鈥檚 overall vision for the space.