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71 products

    71 products
    Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair C, Carbon Mesh - Preowned
    $2,500.00 $750.00
    SKU: HM-TC-2789
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    Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair A, Carbon Mesh - Preowned
    $2,500.00 $750.00
    SKU: HM-TC-2790
    Current Stock: 1
    Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair, Size B, Silver - Preowned
    $2,300.00 $690.00
    SKU: HM-TC-2721
    Current Stock: 137
    Herman Miller Mirra 2 Bespoken, Grey - Preowned
    $1,700.00 $510.00
    SKU: HM-TC-2867
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    Herman Miller Mirra 2, Grey - Preowned
    $1,660.00 $498.00
    SKU: HM-TC-1436
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    Insterstuhl Hero Task Chair, Black - New CLOSEOUT
    $1,600.00 $480.00
    SKU: IN-TC-2700
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    Knoll Generation Task Chair, Blue - Preowned
    $1,300.00 $390.00
    SKU: KN-TC-1807
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    Steelcase Leap V1 Task Chair- Adjustable Arms - Preowned
    $1,150.00 $345.00
    SKU: SC-TC-1052
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    Steelcase Leap V1 Task Chair, Midnight Base - Preowned
    $1,150.00 $345.00
    SKU: SC-TC-1590
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    Black Grey White
    Compel Derby Task Chair - New
    $676.00 $338.00
    Current Stock: 399
    Interstuhl Every Task Chair, Black with Chrome Base - Preowned
    $1,100.00 $330.00
    SKU: IN-TC-2881
    Current Stock: 27
    Herman Miller Setu Conference Chair, Slate Grey - Preowned
    $1,100.00 $330.00
    SKU: HM-CC-1629
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    Knoll Generation Task Chair, Green - Preowned
    $1,100.00 Sale price $330.00
    SKU: KN-TC-2440
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    Interstuhl Every Task Chair, Black - Preowned
    $1,100.00 $330.00
    SKU: IN-TC-2109
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    Groupe Lacasse United Upswing Task Chair, Purple - Preowned
    $1,100.00 $330.00
    SKU: GLA-TC-2722
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    Group Lacasse United Upswing Task Chair, Blue - Preowned
    $1,100.00 $330.00
    SKU: GLA-TC-2595
    Current Stock: 1
    Open office concepts are a great way to capture a modern style while keeping your workspace functional for the entire team. At 澳门六合彩全年资料, we understand that the open office layout is an accommodating solution for many businesses. With this office style鈥檚 improved communication and collaboration abilities, we鈥檝e seen time and time again how these spaces increase productivity, focus, and overall company culture. That鈥檚 why we go the extra mile to supply everything you could ever need. Our selection of open office furniture features seating, desks, and open office workstations. We also carry a select series of ergonomic accessories to make working areas more flexible for your team鈥檚 productivity needs. Shop our series of open office furniture from top industry manufacturers here. We鈥檙e confident that they鈥檒l make an excellent addition to your space.
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