93 products

    93 products
    Compel Net Task Chair, Black - New CLOSEOUT
    $1,333.00 $200.00
    SKU: CL-TC-2781
    Current Stock: 2
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2780
    Current Stock: 19
    White Desk Top - 72" x 24" - New CLOSEOUT
    $150.00 $45.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2760
    Current Stock: 31
    Compel Pogo Seating - New CLOSEOUT
    $250.00 $75.00
    SKU: CL-SL-2765
    Current Stock: 3
    Compel Ziggy Nesting Chair, 2 Pack - New
    $950.00 from $475.00
    Current Stock: 82
    Compel Hilo Height Adjustable Desk, Walnut - Preowned
    $1,250.00 $375.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2894
    Current Stock: 121
    Compel Pivit Low Credenza, White - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: CL-CR-2891
    Current Stock: 2
    OMT HAT - T Leg - 2 Leg, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    Current Stock: 42
    Compel Rectangle Conference Table, White - New CLOSEOUT
    from $1,200.00
    SKU: CL-CT-2876
    Current Stock: 10
    Compel Kudos Task Chair, Black - Preowned
    $600.00 $180.00
    SKU: CL-TC-2703
    Current Stock: 5
    Cafe Grey Ash White
    Compel Pivit Reception Desk - New
    Current Stock: 9
    White Black
    Compel Power Clamp with USB-C, NEW
    $219.00 $109.50
    Current Stock: 400
    Aegean Midnight Smoke Fog
    Compel Mia Club Chair - New
    $1,402.00 $901.00
    Current Stock: 2
    Compel Levengo 3 Seat Sofa, Leather White, New - CLOSEOUT
    $2,950.00 $885.00
    SKU: CL-LS-2793
    Current Stock: 1
    Silver White
    Compel Vertebrae Cable Manager - New- CLOSEOUT
    $87.00 $26.00
    SKU: CL-AC-2794
    Current Stock: 23
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Extended, Black, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2779
    Current Stock: 2
    Compel Hilo - T Leg - 2 Leg Midsize, White, BASE ONLY - New CLOSEOUT
    $960.00 $288.00
    SKU: CL-HA-2782
    Current Stock: 58
    Cafe Desk Top - 60" x 30" - New CLOSEOUT
    $267.00 $80.00
    SKU: RW-WS-2764
    Current Stock: 90
    Midnight Aegean Fog Smoke
    Compel Mia Sofa - New
    $2,928.00 $1,894.00
    Current Stock: 3
    Anchor Jet Saddle
    Compel Mia Luxe Sofa - New
    $3,300.00 $1,965.00
    Current Stock: 4
    Compel Single Monitor Arm - New
    $198.00 $48.00
    Current Stock: 317

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